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     Added and changed and cleaned up alot of things on my site.  Browse through the site again to see some slight changes and some added videos.

1) Cleaned up the Unused Characters section a bit.  Removed some things like still frames inplace of gif animations and removed the Bandana Red "bite" info since it's actually used.
2) Hey look at that, I actually added some gif animations for some sprites!  Surprised even myself.  Added gifs to Unused Characters section.
3) Cleaned up Enemies section.  Also, added subnotes to the blue characters that a possible ice/snow level could have actually been planned but scrapped.  Although no other evidence gives proof that there might have been a snow/ice level in the works besides blue versions of certain enemies.
4) Cleaned up more in other sections, added more enemies that aren't normally programmed for battles and added battlefields shown in the Jump '95 Video showcasing SMRPG.  Also added Geno sprites from the Square Special Video showcasing his beta appearance.
     Hey everybody!  Geesh la weeze, what is that!  Fox lookout behind you!  Err wait, this isn't Star Fox 64!
     Well it's been...1,2,3...9 long months and no updates!  What's wrong with me?  If you haven't noticed, once everything has been unfolded on this site about unused and beta sprites, I can't really update what's already been known.  But I felt that the other things I've promised to do has yet to be accomplished.  I'll get to it eventually.
     So E3 '09 is coming REAL soon, I believe it starts today, and I thought why not update the site?  So rumors going around Nintendo might be working on another Mario game for the Wii.  And who knows, maybe it's Super Mario RPG 2!  Fat chance.  Anyway, hopefully Nintendo will have a more impressive E3 this year then last year.  So to celebrate, I've archived 2008 news (incase anyone wants to read it for some reason) and put a link on the right side.  Also, I've made a new banner starring the Axem Rangers!
     AND even better yet, while browsing The Spriters Resource I saw that someone found the beta layout of Tadpole Pond using the Lazy Shell Editor!!  TOTALLY amazed at this discovery!  Check it out in the Unused Battle Fields section (although it's not technically a battle field)!





Lazy Shell :
Lazy Shell has been officially released!  This editing program lets you editing a SMRPG Rom from creating custom backgrounds, placing sprites anywhere, to making your own battles!
Virtual Console:
6-24-08 - Super Mario RPG for the Wii's Virtual Console has been released for Japan.
8-22-08 - Super Mario RPG for the Wii's Virtual Console has been released for Europe (first time ever!) and for Australia.
9-01-08 - Super Mario RPG for the Wii's Virtual Console has been released for the USA.

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