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2008 News

     Some awesome fanart sent in by Damian Trejo for a SMRPG 2 poster.  Keep in mind this is just fanart and in no way official.  So check it out in the SMRPG 2 section until I get a farart section up.  Also, go ahead and send in any SMRPG related fanart to me through my email ( and I'll put it up as well.
And yay for the site hitting 30,000 views.  Although it's a bit skewed from viewing the site myself =]

     I got an email about the scarecrow I had facing south east, which I thought wasn't used.  But they said you can see it viewed like that while running away, which I never even thought of.  So thank you crystalorbie.

     So I was reading through my old News Blogs and forgot that Canivol showed me another SMRPG video!  Although not as awesome as SMRPG alpha, this is just as good because its Super Mario RPG Beta.  Check it out in the video section, its the 2nd video.  That video is awesome because it shows things like DRILL BITS, "fat" Geno (as in, in the alpha version of SMRPG, Mario had his fat look.  This one shows a "fat" Geno.  Not to mention his cap is like, funky) and his slightly different cannon, Geno's Flash special's face is different, Mallow's Snowy and Shocker look different (crappier lol) and some other things I'm sure you can spot out.
Just a quick, small update.  It turns out, my info on the Bandana Red/Blue having a "bite" attack animation not being used it partly untrue.  I was playing through SMRPG again on the Virtual Console and when I went to fight Johnny, I decided to do the 1v1 with Mario.  I normally keep 1 Bandana Blue alive so I can fight Johnny with all 3 members.  Anyway, during the 1v1, you know how your teammates go off on the side and act as cheerleaders?  And Johnny brings in some more Blue guys off to the side?  While I was watching them, I ACTUALLY saw them use the bite animation!  Go figure huh?  So while they do use the animation in the game, they never actually use it for an attack.  Unless they seriously only made that animation to be used during that event.
I added the DM value numbers for the Character page so you can view those sprites yourselves using the Debug Menu (DM).


     YAHOO!!!!  FINALLY!  And update!  And a major update at that.  Well maybe not major, more like awesome.  I've reoraganized the content of the sections into more grid formats.  There's also some work left to do with those but I've spent, uh I think 5+ hours on this update.  You also noticed the menu on the left has smaller lettering then what I had before.  I feel keeping them the original size kept it neat.  Also it let bigger words, like Virtual Console, fit nicely in it.  Ok now for the reason you came here: moar updates:
-organized pages with more grid formats
-renamed some sections
-added 2 more magazines other then Nintendo Power
-added Video section
-added Virtual Console section (yes, SMRPG has came out for the VC if you've been living under a rock)
-added SMRPG News on the right side of the Homepage for any SMRPG related news
YOU MUST CHECK OUT THE VIDEO SECTION and the MAGAZINE sections!!!!  You haven't seen Super Mario RPG ALPHA until you've seen the Super Mario RPG - V-Jump 95 Presentation video!  ALSO, in the Magazine page, check out the magazine: Video Games, as THAT is the magazine that shows LUIGI, yes that's right, Luigi in that picture at the "dinner scene".  These 2 things are a MUST SEE for any SMRPG Beta fan!
Also, I PROMISE I will get those sprites in my site animated.  I might work on that tomorrow (today?).  That is unless my college keeps me occupied since I missed a day from being sick (feeling much better).

     Man oh man have I been neglecting this site :(  Poor site, let me help you back up with some new content I promised you.  Who's a good site?  Who's a good site!?  Yes you are!
*cough*  Anyway, I seem to have gotten a little sick but well enough to go to an Anime meeting for my college today :P
Ok so today I'm actually going to update the site!
(omg what a liar! I bet he won't do anything!)

     Ok well I actually do have stuff that is new content, more or less.  Anyway I'll have that running up soon.
     Well well well, its been...5-6 months since any update, gee I'm getting slow.  Well anyway I changed back the design from the Brawl look back to the classic look.  Feels pretty good getting back to the basics eh?  Anyway I was in North Carolina for a month and just came back yesturday.  Today felt like a good time to update the site.  Well as of right now I haven't really updated anything but more like revert back.  Anyway, I will start to update for a while, maybe even weekly with a bit of changes here and there.  Be sure to check back frequently to see any updates =D