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Here are some backgrounds that aren't used in the game.

PAR Code:

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A very well done, and complete, underwater background.  Reasons for it being unused?  I have no idea.  But it's just like most unused things in games, could be fully completed but never used.  More then likely this would have been used for fighting monsters at the Sea area.

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This is an unused background and it looks like its about 90% complete.  If you didn't notice, there are windows on top.  This makes me think there was gonna be a new level or world but was scrapped towards the end.  Or maybe possibly a garden area in Nimbus Land.  Or probably just a bunch of stage data we're just combined and this stage was made.



Holy Cow, this is REALLY something interesting!  This was discovered using the  Lazy Shell Editor program.  This really shows you how different the SMRPG Alpha phase was when this game was first being made.  Notice how things are different, yet similar in this picture.  Almost everything in here is not even used in the final SMRPG game!  No stumps with music notes, no hills with eyes, no orange trees etc!  In a way, this looks more realistic then the actual game.  Enjoy this picture in amazement.  Perhaps Lazy Shell can unearth MORE beta maps!



Bowser's Castle battlefield during the Alpha stage of SMRPG's life.  Amazing how different it looks.



Battlefield for when you fight enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom castle.  Not much is changed except different colors used.  The actual colors are red walls instead of blue, and dark blue carpeting instead of dark red.



Not sure what stage this was going to be used for.  I'm guessing either the final Smithy battle or just a testing stage.


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