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2006 News

Website news from 2006.

     Only thing updated is that in the Contact Information section, I had my email as the hotmail one, but I never use that so I changed it to my yahoo one.  If you have sent me an email to my hotmail address, send it back to my yahoo.  Sorry if you felt like your emails haven't been replied back lol.  Also some great news: Super Mario RPG will be on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii!  That's great news to hear.  So download it if you want and enjoy the game all over again, or even for the first time.

     Hi again everyone.  Again, this is not an update for the site but more of an update of the status of updating some updates on my site for updates updating.  Heh, everyone get that? Lol, anyway school has been pretty tiresum for me.  I find myself taking a nap after each day of school because of it wearing me out.  Also, because of my Novel Reading class, I have to read some stupid book called "The King Must Die" and reading seriously puts me to sleep if it's not in my interest.  Besides that and some other classes I'm generally well.  Sorry for the lack of interest but hopefully I'll be able to do an update this weekend if I'm not busy and all.  But just to clarify on one thing, this site will someday reach it's limit.  But what I mean is that there is only so much to show about the beta/unused stuff in SMRPG.  I pretty much have 2/3 of everything covered.  Once everything has been completely covered, I'm afraid there won't be anything left for this site to update.  But I'm sure when that time comes, I'll think of something and add stuff.  Anyway this won't be until...probably...maybe in 4-6 months or even end of this year.  It really depends on my enthusiasim for the site.  But don't be discouraged, something will be updated soon. 

     Hey everyone.  This isn't about an update but is somewhat informational.  Anyway, I'll be starting school this week, last year of school woo!, so I'm not sure if I'll be updating my site as often as I used to with all the work I'll be doing.  Also I'll be getting a job soon, hopefully, and that'll take up more time.  But don't worry, you'll see updates coming from time to time.

     Well Monday was my birthday, hooray!  If you want to know, I turned 17.  That means 1 more year of school and 1 more year away of becoming an adult.  Right so anyway on to updates.  Well I've only updated 1 thing, and I'm sure you noticed it right away coming here.  Yes, it is the website banner!  I call it "A Boss and his minion(s)!".  From left to right: Boomer and Chandeli-Ho (or also known as Hangin' Shy), Johnny and Bandana Blue, Booster and his Snifts, and last but not least Punchinello and Mezzo Bomb.  Hope you like it and continue checking back and fourth for any updates and new information!

     HEY HEY EVERYONE!!!  Finally an update!  Geesh, long enough huh?  Well I'm sure you'll all enjoy this.  What I updated was the Debug Menu page!!  It's really cool to see what you can do overall in this mode and I'm sure everyone will really like it.  Well what's next on the update list is the Debug Room, though I'm sure lots of you already know about it but it's still nice to document.  ENJOY everyeone!!!  Oh and my birthday is Monday! XD

  Ok ok I know I haven't updated this site, in like, FOREVER!!  Sorry but this is just what I'm feeling:  the way I am is that I become really enthusiastic about something, then I do whatever it is, then later I just shrug it off.  This is what this site has become of my interest.  I'm like Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia (if anyone's played that game).  I get excited about something in later on, I get bored of it.  Alright since I love SMRPG and this site has been on of my better sites that I've ever made, and also had the most hits then my other sites, rest assure that I WILL UPDATE my site.  I don't know when but I promise sometime either this week or next week, according to my schedule.  I don't know what the future will hold for this site but I hope it's a positive one.  Sorry to all those keep expecting an update.  And if you don't see anything new from this week or the next, then you might as well forget about this site and leave it in the dust as in it might never get updated again until probably next year.  Anywho don't give up your hopes yet, ha ha!  I'll work on this site eventually!!!

I've added 2 new beta pictures of SMRPG.  Well it's more early development pictures but they're still cool to see.  It features an possible outcome for Bowser's Poison gas attack and Geno's Geno Flash attack.

Huzzah I've actually updated my site today.  I really seem to update my sites over night, lol.  Anyway I've completed the Characters page with unused sprites from main characters and enemies.  Not much but take a gander at it anyway.  I've also added a sprite to the Various Sprites section as well.  Another thing I've done is give you a temp. link for the Debug Room.  It's a document that's straight from GameFAQs and is there just for reference.  I've also added a temp. link to the Japan to America version of the games from TMK (The Mushroom Kingdom) site.  So if you've been there and seen it already, that's pretty much what that page is going to look like.  The next thing I'm going to work on is the Debug Menu.  I'll be sure to document on the Debug Menu pretty thoroughly.  I'll also add more things along the way with my site and stuff. Anway, thanks again for coming to Super Mario RPG Secrets.

     Okay I forgot to post that I went camping this week and last week.  So I didn't actually have time to update on my site and such.  I would have if I had more time like at my camp site but I couldn't.  Anyway I'm back to I'll be updating the site soon with the pages that don't have anything in them.  Look forward to an update one of these days.

     Ok first off, MY MISTAKE!!! for the Super Luigi RPG IPS patch!!!  That is an old version of the patch!  I put the new one so this should be the corrected version.  Since I'm not entirely sure what's on the old patch from the new patch, but I do know that the new patch has the correct and Luigi sprite of what I wanted him to look like. Though it's still incomplete, like some palettes and colors and what not but rest assure I'm still working on it.  Anyway onto the news:  yeah, it's been a couple days without an update.  I've just been caught up with some other busy work so I didn't really have time to work on my site.  Anyway I should be having an update soon so come back and check the news for any updates.

     Okie dokie it's 4:56 pm in the afternoon.  Anyway about the site, I made changes to the Main Character page so it's correct but still nothings there yet.  Also I've decided to make moving animations of the sprites on my site so you can get a better idea of how they look/move/are like.  But I'll do that after I have all the content on my site first.  So having the moving sprites is probably my last priority at the moment.  First I want to get all my pages filled up for the fans who come here and expect something when they click on it.  Righty-o so here I go.

     It's 12:38 am so it's really early on the next day of updating.  Nothing much but I've just added links in the Main Character page just for reference.  I'll start with Mario, then Peach, and so on.  There really isn't or even none of unused sprites in the game for each character but nevertheless I'll be sure to post them! :)

Well it's late in the evening now.  I've really lost track of my sleeping (I seem to be going to be now at 6:00 am in the morning lol).  So yeah I wake up around noon or 1:00 pm.  It's only been this week so hopefully I'll be sleeping normally later on, haha.  Right well anyway on the news.  As you can see I've certainally changed the navigation on the left.  Now it even looks more like the Menu in SMRPG.  Hope all of you like that.  I feel pretty tired now so I'm not sure if I'll be doing anymore updating today.  But I will have something updated tomorrow.  So expect to see something added or changed.  Thanks once again for visiting my site!

     Right now the time is 12:36 am, Central time.  I've added even more things but have yet to put anything in them.  What I mean is I've added a Main Character page for sprites that are unused in the game for Mario, Peach, Bowser, Geno, and Mallow.  I've also added the Copyright page for legal purposes.  Oh and one more thing, I've added a banner to the site Super Mario RPG Legacy on each page.  Go over there some time and check it out!  You can check out the information it has on the different Mario RPG games over the years and also Fan made material, mp3's, download, and more!  So when you got time go check it out will ya?

     Okay, well I'm considering this look will be  what I'm going to keep it as.  As you can see I've finally designed a site banner for the site and also changed the menu on the left so it looks like the menu in the game.  Pretty cool huh?  I've added a few new pages: Debug Room, Debug Menu, and Japanese Version.  These are all new pages and so far there's nothing really edited with them.  I'm glad on how this site is turning out and hoping more people will get interested.  I'll keep working on it every week to make sure you people who are visiting keep liking my site.  More to come in the week ahead and next week and so on.
     Well it's 1:15 am in the late night and I'm done for now.  I didn't do much but I did add somethings like in the Super Luigi RPG page - some screenshots.  And also posted the code in the Rom from a hex editor for the unused attack and unused text in the game if you want to check it out if you have the Rom and a hex editor.  I'll be adding backgrounds to spice up the pages a bit and also edit the menu on the left to be more appealing.  If any of you guys or gals have a suggestion, lemme know by either using the shout out box on the right, instant messenging me, or emailing me at my yahoo account (best suggestion).  Anyway, chao for now.
     Yes, finally.  NOW I actually have some time for my site.  I'm done with school now so that means I can put a lot more work into my site.  I'll try and give it a make over one of these days so 1.) it's more appealing and 2.) it'll attract more people to visit hopefully.  To anyone who actually still visits my site, spread the word of my site if you will and to any one who likes knowing things like beta, unused, altered, and other things in games and especially if it has to do with Super Mario RPG.  I'll keep you informed about news on my site and hope this site will become more popular unlike my other sites.
     Wow, it's been a long time since I've been to this site to edit it. I think I might have some people still visiting this site. I see that some sprites on some of my pages aren't showing up. It's just that I've run out of my Photobucket space but I'll have those fixed some time. Also I'll probably get to work on remaking the beta pictures for anyone who wants to see them. Anyway, enjoy my site!

Website news from 2006!