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Link to websites you'll want to check out.

     NOT THE SAME AS SUPER MARIO RPG LEGACY!  But it's Mario and all thi...well...legacy!  From the people (or person?) who brought you SMRPGLegacy now gives you SMLegacy!
     Awesome site on the different RPG's Mario has been in.  Has great info on each one as well as other cool content.
     A great site with awesome information on the Mario Kart series.
     Why not spend some time and chat with fellow SMRPG players?  Always looking for new people to post.
     VERY VERY VERY good site for SMRPG information!  Provides everything from monster formations to area layouts to animation instruction to object offsets.  It's SMRPG stripped down to whatever you need to find.  Also has some tutorials if you really want to get into it.  This site really help me find a lot of things on this site.
     Excellent site for SMRPG information.  Gives you the low down on what you need to know about SMRPG.  Also provided me with scans of volume 77 for SMRPG pre-release informaiton.
     More than just powerful wizards, divine temples, and wise kings comprise the Realms. Learn what goes on in the shadows of the Realms. If you like this product you might want to check out the other Dungeons And Dragons products.

Total Mario Coverage

Super Mario RPG Legacy - Celebrating 10 Years of Super Mario RPG!