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2005 News

Website news from 2005.

     Ok I've completed my Beta Pics page.  I'd like to thank Stag019 for sending me those pics to use.  I'll also remake some similar pics of it were actually taken from the final game.  I've remade the picture of the first beta pic I have.  Hope you like it.
     Well I've updated a lot of things.  Now every page has something on it.  I've also added the forum now.  Make sure you register first to post.  Enjoy!
     I've updated some pages on my site.  Check em out.
     Hey there!  I got the some pages almost complete.  I'll try and get some more done today but I'm not sure if I can today.  Why?  Because it's be birthday!  b^_^b
     Hi and welcome to my site!  I made this site because there are some beta or leftout stuff in the game that I find interesting.  And I'm sure you might find it as well too.  Ahem, well I started the site today, and as you can see there's not much here.  This site will be kinda small because there's not that many things about SMRPG that's enough to make a big site, but I hope mine anyway.  Enjoy!

Website news from 2005!