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2007 News

News from 2007

     Wowee!  A total make over to look like the Brawl site, sure isn't easy when you're doing all this by hand.  Heh, I'm sure knowing HTML would be a BIG help, especially when you can get coding for the Brawl site like some other have.  But nah, I'm doing it the hard way lol.  Oh well, it atleast it's paying off.  Though Brawl really doesn't have anything to do with SMRPG, UNLESS THEY PUT GENO IN!!!!  Anyway, enjoy the new designed site with what I have know.  I haven't checked the other pages for anything that might seem odd or doesn't work but anyway, enjoy!  Oh yeah, I've listened to the Opening for Lucky Star (Take it!  Sailor Uniform) on Youtube, the full version for hour or 2!!  It's just that addictive!
     Hey everyone!  First thing you probably noticed is the new site banner designed after the Super Smash Bros. Brawl logo to celebrate Sonic being a confirmed character finally.  I made the site banner myself, I feel like I could have done better with it but meh, it's decent enough :P.  It's not like I'm a pro with photoshop so I like how it turned out.  Anyway I have the background with the Culex background and the menu purple for Culex.  But I'm thinking to just ditch that and go for a feel or something.  Anyway, once I've finally decided on the final look, I'll start to reorganize the site a little.

     Yay!!  NEW update finally!  I've added the screenshot with Luigi in it in the Beta Pictures.  I also made remakes of the picture to look at it easier.  Anyway I'm in the process of changing the site around a bit, mainly just how it looks as in organize it a bit different.  Still keeping it SMRPG theme'd though :P  Anyway, video's and analized stuff and junk and etc and so on and other stuff coming soon!

     Wow, it's sure been a long while.  Sorry about no updates, I've kinda been neglecting the site but also I've been playing this kick ass game called Rumble Fighter Create your own character, customise your fighting style, battle totally online with 8 player FFA or Team Battles, play Battle Mode or Rumble Mode, etc!  It's totally awesome!  Anyway recent news about more updates is that someone posted an OLD screenshot from a magazine during the SMRPG alpha phase.  The VERY interesting thing about it is that it has LUIGI in it!  Yes, very strange, and I don't think it's been edited judging by the quality of it.  Then again it has Luigi  in a weird position.  Also for more updates, it seems I missed out on a few details in a Beta footage.  Now that there's this beta footage, the SMRPG that looks weird, dubbed "fat version" (it has Mario looking bigger and fatter thus, fat version) will now be Alpha version since it's more correct.  So we have Alpha, Beta, and Final versions of the game, with the exception that the Japanese version has a 1.0 and a 1.1 for some reason and I'm pretty sure the US got the 1.1 version.  Anyway, updates coming soon so stay tooned!

     Just a small update fixing some wording here and there.  Also, I seem to be having trouble with the homepage using Internet Explorer like getting to my site from Google or just using the Home button.  Not sure what's up with that but if anyone else has this problem, please contact me.

     Well basically what was lost was just the hours I put into the .gif animations for the sprites X_x Oh well.  Anyway, I've updated anything that needed codes: items, monsters, weapons.  Also, here's the links for the beta footage:
and a video that shows pre-release footage (basically final version with a few differences in specials):

     Well this is some terrible horrible stuff for my update was LOST.  Yes, thanks to a computer virus, I had to reformat my computer so I lost ALL THAT WORK!! T_T O_o >_< DX D:  :(
*sigh*  Oh well, looks like I'll have to start again with that list of things.
Some good news:  thanks to a special someone, there is now some BETA footage of SMRPG!!!  Yes, BETA footage of Mario when he looked more fat and ugly and the level designs and specials are different!  Woohoo!  If you don't know what I mean, check the Nintendo Power images in the NP section.  Those kind of the gfx in those pics are what this gameplay looks like!!!  Video update coming soon!

     Almost done with the big update, just need to touch up a few things here and there.  Also some REALLY good news!  Seems like a person has some old SNES tapes from pretty much 10 years ago and there's some old SMRPG content on them.  But at the moment, he has yet to release the SMRPG part of the video seeing how hes going through the other games on the video before it.  Also, from another video, shows a pre-final version of the game.  What's REALLY COOL is that some of specials shown are different then the final game!  It's like the pictures of Bowser's Poison Gas attack and Geno's Geno Flash.  But the 2 NEW DIFFERENCES are from MALLOW.  It's his Snowy special and Shocker special.  It's pretty interesting to see the difference.  I'll have those up after the BIG UPDATE is completed.
Also, I'm starting to plan out a new design for the site.  Or I just might move the site to another address, seeing how those ads at the top and bottom or annoying to me and to others.
I'd also like to thank Blueberry for help on B&W block and the Somnuz Waltz attack.

     Sorry no updates.  Just been busy as hell with school trying to finish up everything from tests to quizes to projects to presentations.  Sorry to say not much will be updated this month, but in June, expect to see many updates seeing how I won't have school any longer!  Huzzah!!!

     Fixed the link to the Debug Room FAQ from GameFAQs.  Well apparently the guy I was suppose to receive the scans of SMRPG from the other issue of Nintendo Power is too lazy to scan the pages for me.  Or he can't find it but it's pretty much because he's lazy.  Oh well.  Here's a list of things to come for the site (not in any particular order of coming out):
.gif animations for the sprites in the Characters section
.gif animations for the sprites in the Enemies section
codes for enemies that have no PAR code
codes for enemies that use unused enemy attacks
codes for using unused items and video of them
debug menu codes for the unused weapons to view
debug menu codes for the various sprites as well as .gif animations
debug room with screenshots and details
more picture analysises of the Nintendo Power issue
possibly making more remakes of beta pictures
Japanese Version with screenshots and details, will be similar to the one from
screenshots for the SMRPG hacks

     Not an update but just saying that I'm waiting for some Nintendo Power scans of the other issue so I can update.  Once I get those, I'll have the other stuff updated when I update the scans.

     Well I deleted the forum, seeing how I never actually used it more then twice and no one was there got deleted.  =P  Oh well, I didn't really care.  Just post whatever comments you have in the Guestbook.  Ok, for the updates, I changed the video's sizes to double what they were.  So this means they are viewing at 640x480 rather then 320x240.  If you feel this is too big, I'll make it medium sized like 420x260 or something.  Also I added another hack I'm doing.  I'm doing a lot of hacks currently aren't I?  Ha ha I just hope I have enough enthusiasm to finish them XD.  Anyway, that's what's updated so far.

     I've added picture analysis's for page 26 on volume 77.  Also included are 'almost' remakes of the pictures incase you might want a better idea of the picture if you can't make it out.  I've added past news to shorten up the home page.  Added info about the unused enemies I didn't have before.  Also added link to the GameFAQs SMRPG Board.  Changed the Super Luigi RPG section into SMRPG Hacks section.
I added a video showing 2 unused battle scenes during Booster's Tower area of the game with Peach.  It's located in the Characters section because I didn't know where to exactly put this and I feel that adding a new section wouldn't be worth just 1 video.

     Well not much of an update but it's a start.  I just added a picture in the Beta Pictures section.  I'm pretty sure I'll update later today for more stuff.  I'm working on the Debug Room right now: pics, text, info, and even a short video about it.
I'm adding a Nintendo Power section of scans from volumes 77 and 82.  Right now I have scans from 77, courtesy of "sotss" or "Secrets of the Seven Stars" website, found at for more info.  I'll also be doing a picture analysis on each picture.

     Ho boy, been a long time since a last update.  I think I'm getting back in the mood to update the site again soon.  Ok well anyway, what I've updated:
Site Banner
Enemy Attacks
Enemies (added video)
The video is made by me, it shows pretty much all the unused enemies in battle.  It's version 1.0 and a 1.1 might be coming out with some fixed errors in the video.  Pretty cool, it's hosted by YouTube so post comments there if you got any.  As for Enemy Attacks, I found out some out there were used from enemies not used in the game.  Also from a data list that showed a few I haven't heard of or listed as official attacks.
Also, don't spam or swear in the guest book!  I'll ban your IP Address if you do it again.

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