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Just some legal and copyright information for anyone who wants to know.

Copyright Information:
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is 1996 Nintendo and Squaresoft.  Characters and names of the Mario series mention in my site belong to Nintendo and the other characters, enemies, data, etc...belong to Square-Enix.
Thanks to (in no specific order):
The SMRPG GameFAQs board and the Acmlm's Board
Tile Layer Pro - Kent Hansen
The Lunar Express program
Stag019 - a REALLY big THANKS to YOU!
HyperLamer - a REALLY big THANKS to YOU!
giangurgolo - a REALLY big THANKS to YOU!
and others!
As for the Super Mario RPG 2/Paper Mario early development pictures:  I got these a while back and don't know where they all came from exactly seeing how I used Google to search for pictures.  But if you have a picture on my site - or to anyone to whom this concerns - if you would like to have it removed, please EMAIL me at immediately so I remove it ASAP.  Thank you for understanding.
And too anyone else who I didn't give credit for or give copyright information too, contact me by email so I may give credit/copyright info ASAP on my site.
All other name and/or titles are to their respective owners