SMRPG Related Videos.  Don't forget you can double click to go to YouTube where you can leave comments.  Also, no annotations will show up in these vids from my site.

SMRPG - V-Jump 95 Presentation:
From: Canivol

Unused Enemies:
From: abarna01

Unused Enemy Spells & Attacks:
from: abarna01

SMRPG - Squirtle Enemy Hack:
From: abarna01

Drill Bit:
From: abarna01

Super Mario RPG:
           Rawest Forest Animated:
From: MarkerInTheSand
         (created by Kirbopher15)

Super Mario RPG Mayhem:
From: abarna01

Square Special Video:
From: Canivol (thanks again!)

Unused Scenes:
From: abarna01 (aka ShadowSonic [me])

Unused Items:
from: abarna01

SMRPG - Pikachu Enenmy Hack:
From: abarna01

Drill Bit Found:
From: abarna01

Super Mario RPG:
            Japanese Commercial:
From: oneofvipper

Lazy Shell Editor Demo:
From: gngrglo (this dude is awesome)