Virtual Console

With the release of the Super Mario RPG out for Japan and America and (for the very first time) for Europe, we'll take a look into the game and see if there are any differences.


Ok, a big difference that surprised me is for some reason, Moleville is darker then it should be. Maybe they wanted it to make it look more like dirt then dry rock? I'd post a screenshot but I don't have like a image capturing device. I could take a picture with a camera but the quality might be a big poor. Here's a simulated picture I edited with Photoshop:


Another thing is that Flame Wall looks different because for some reason, its missing the yellow and white coloring! Now its just a red flame BUT it does make it look smoother and not so pixalted. Here's a edited pic:


^Really bad attempt to make a replica of the VC Flame Wall but I guess it'll have to do.

Any other differences I'll come across I'll post. And these are something that would just attract me right away, I'm not looking hardcore and like looking at pixels for differences.
Also, its speculated that these are JUST merely caused by the emulation on the Virtual Console.

JPN (Japan):

Nothing to report but if you have any info, go ahead and email me.

PAL (Europe):

During a scene with Croco, he originally uses the word bugger. This was changed for regional differences since the word has different meaning there.