Some Frequently Asked Questions about the site and myself.

Q: What is this site about?:
A: This is a site devoted to the Alpha and Beta versions of Super Mario RPG.  As well of discovering unused sprites, objects, scripts, and many other things that lie hiddin inside Super Mario RPG.
Q: What's the deal with the ads on top of the site and below?
A: Well this is hosted by Tripod under a free account.  So because it's free, they have to include ads.
Q: What's the difference between Alpha and Beta versions?
A: Alpha is the 1st design of a video game.  It can almost or completely not resemble the final product but may use elements from it.  Such alpha designs of other games is Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms, Super Mario Sunshine, and Legend of Zelda: Ocaina of Time.  Beta resembles more of the final product but still has some differences that were changed (i.e. hud elements, enemies, weapons)
Q: When did you first create this site and why?
A: I first made this site in 2005 and (if I believe) I was surprised that I found an unused enemy in the game called Super Spike.  I found him while playing with some Pro Action Replay codes on an emulator.  Then I decided to go all over the web trying to find other codes that could help me.  I found an item code (from GameFAQs) and a list of items that I saw that aren't actually used.  Then what even motivated me even more was the alpha and beta screenshots taken from magazines!  So with my love of beta and unused things and SMRPG, I decited to create this site.
Q: How often do you update?
A: Well it depends on whether or not there's material to even update.  Once the majority of information has been discovered, it becomes harder to find anything that could be new.  Besides new content, I've also changed the layout a bit over the years from a Culex theme to a Super Smash Bros Brawl theme.  They weren't really working out for a style I liked so I just decided to go with this simple theme and a banner.  As for updating, well, depends on whether or not I want to.
Q: I noticed your menu on the left of site has custom SMRPG font.  Did you make these and can I find a download for it?
A: Actually no, these are taken pretty much right from the game.  At first I used a hex editor to hack in text I wanted to use then use Photoshop to edit out the black and create a transparent text.  But now with Lazy Shell Editor, I can use the Stats feature, type in my own text, and use Photoshop to create what you see now.
Q: Where do you get your information and sources?
A: From all over the place.  Through emails, forums, google, magazines, etc.  I get them through different people too.  Also playing around on an emulator and hacking sure helps a lot too!
Q: Is there anything I or other people can do to contribute?
A: Sure!  All you have to do if you have information or images, just e-mail them to me at and I'll take a look and see what you got!
Q: I see you have hacks on your site for SMRPG roms.  How do I use them?
A: You need to first have a SMRPG Rom (don't ask me where to get one).  Then you need a program called Lunar IPS (google or go to  Name the IPS Patch and the Rom the same name.  Apply the patch and your good to go.  Make sure you create a back up of the ROM incase you don't like the patch and want to play the original.
Q: Is SMRPG your favorite game of all time?
A: Yes, it's my favorite game of all time and will always be.
Q: Do you think there will ever be a true sequel to the first SMRPG?
A: I feel that with Square-Enix working with Nintendo again, anythings possible.  I do believe that they'll create a true successor to the game.  While the Paper Mario series is a good series, as well as Mario & Luigi, nothing will be as original and excellent as Super Mario RPG.  It's just too bad Geno (#1 on the list of top 10 Characters fans want in Brawl) wasn't included in Super Smash Bros Brawl, lots of people wanted him in.
Q: Ok, last question.  Did I just interview myself?
A: Yeah, lol, and it's funny.