Information about early Super Mario RPG 2.

Super Mario RPG 2 was going to be made for the Nintendo 64DD in Japan.  For those of you that don't know, the N64DD was an add-on for the N64.  It could expand some N64 games for new content or create whole new games.  This was only released in Japan but did horribly because it was released about 1 year right before the GameCube with all the delays it had.  SMRPG 2 was announced but since the N64DD was doing poorly, they would of had to convert it to a cartridge.  Because of legal reasons with Square, Nintendo couldn't make a direct sequel because Nintendo and Square broke up, due to Square seeing the PS1 had more potenial for their FF games with CG cutscenes.  So they had to change the title to Paper Mario since it had the paper style graphics.  If SMRPG 2 did come out with Square's cooperation, it would have been called "Super Mario Adventure".  Also, they did plan to use 2D paper style animation for the game.  So if anyone thinks this was going to be in 3D, well it wouldn't have been like that anyway.  Below are some early pics for SMRPG 2/Paper Mario.

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Super Mario RPG has RPG in it!