Sprite Animations

These are unused sprites animations for various characters.

These are unused sprites of characters or objects that are in the game but are not shown, or shown at a different angle.  If you see any sprites here that are actually in the game, email me and I will fix what's on my site.  Also provide me with where you can actually see the sprite.  Either show me a screenshot, send me a savestate for Zsnes or Snes9x, or just tell me exactly where I can find it.
If you want to want to view these sprites yourself, use the Debug Menu (look in the Debug page to see how to set Pro Action Replay codes).  The DM Code column on the far right simply states the OBJ (object) number and the SEQ (sequence) number.  Simply go to those numbers with the Debug Menu and you can view these yourself.

DM Code:



This is Peach's laydown/crying animation.  It isn't used in the actual game but the first frame of her just laying down there is used in the game.  It's when you charge into the Wedding Chappel and she gets knocked down.
If you look at the last frame, you can actually see her peek her eye out.  Kinda like the "fake cry and check to see if they are buying your act" kind of deal.

OBJ - 00C
SEQ - 00



Geno bumping his head.  You see him bump his head in the scene where he first comes to life.  But not at this angle.  This possibly could have been Geno's first pose for defense blocking in battles but later switched.  Either way, you never see Geno facing this way, covering his head.

OBJ - 019
SEQ - 0B



Well I've confirmed with myself that the first sprite isn't actually used for when Belome 2 makes a clone of Geno and you hit him.  Geno 2's hit animation is just him going backwards walking, pretty lame if you ask me.

The second sprite shown here is when Geno has fallen/died/KO'd.  Probably to be used in scenes that involve characters moving around to tell a story.

OBJ - 01B
SEQ - 00
OBJ - 01B
SEQ - 01



Just two images singled out from the "Square Special Video" video (check Video section).  Although the video showed SMRPG in its more beta state, this must have been the first time Geno was created.  Hence the "fat version" style before he was redrawn.  Notice the top part of his hat is more rounded/puffed.  Also, you might not see it that well but his cape is more wide and have fewer points than the current cape.





These sprites are of a Toad which would most likely been used on the World map.  Probably going to be used when Mario was going to the castle to find Peach.

SEQ - 00 - 01



Technically not used, but since Terracotta and Terrapin use the same sprite but different palettes, this is just Terrapins palette with Terracotta's animation.
OBJ - 100
SEQ - 03



This is a Muckle, basically a jellyfish with a stinger.  Oddly enough, they decided to give this enemy only magic attacks with unlimited magic (yes I've tried getting Muckle to run out of FP and attack me but it just never ran out).  Basically this is Muckles physical attack but you never see it use it since it's magic only.
*note* the gif animation is suppose to be a lot faster but that's as fast as I could get it in Adobe ImageReady.
OBJ - 122
SEQ - 03



Weirdly enough, this is a Lakitu with no cloud OR his shell.  Strange eh?

OBJ - 10C
SEQ - 08