Here are some sprites that aren't seen in the game.
*note* DM = Debug Menu, OBJ = object, SEQ = sequence
Make sure you're using the Debug Menu to view these.


DM Code:

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As you can see, this is a banana peel.  Kinda looks like its from Super Mario Kart.  Anyway, judging by where it was in the game, I'd say that it could have been used during the scene in Marrymore where you try and find Peach's wedding gear.  I suppose the Snifts would drop these you make you fall or something.

SEQ - 00

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Update: Turns out this item IS actually in the game, but out of bounds!! Thanks to a YouTube channel called 'Boundary Break', he discovered these unused assets: Vid at 1:50

SEQ - 01


This kinda looks like a spider web to me.  I'm not sure if this is unused, it doesn't seem familiar to me.  This looks like its from a enemy attack.  It goes from small and expands out to this size then dissinigrates.  Got any info on this?

OBJ - 313


This a somewhat broken pipe.  Its the same pipe used in the Pipe Vault but just black and white colored.

OBJ - 0F9
SEQ - 01