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SMRPG hacks I'm sure you'll enjoy.  If you have a hack of your own that's SMRPG based, email it to me and I'll see if it's worthy to put up on here.

Name:                Description:                   Author:

Enemy Stats Upgrade Hack

Enemies now have double HP and damage!  Think you can beat the game now?  This will certainly please any SMRPG players looking for a challenge.


Super Monkey RPG

Super Monkey RPG is a full text-hack of Super Mario RPG. The storyline has been changed to the following: The Mushroom Kingdom is out of milk due to the fact that Smithy has cut off the world's supply, which for some reason or another, comes from Bowser's Keep. Though it is not meant to be a mature hack, it does contain some foul language for the sake of humor and realism


Super Luigi RPG v1.0

Now you can play as Luigi instead of Mario in Super Luigi RPG.  Features graphics hack, palette hack, and text hack.  Enjoy being Luigi and reading the new dialogue up to a certain point.


Super Matrix RPG: Reloaded

W.I.P (work in progress)
Go through the game with sunglasses and black clothing.  Might have changed text in the game.


Super Mario RPG (w/Luigi)

Now you can have Luigi be you're partner!!! Well sort of, it's replacing Geno with Luigi.  Coming soon.